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The Training Of O With Yen
The Training Of O With Yen

[Image: The-Training-Of-O-With-Yen.jpg]

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SH-4-, safterbrain : 94+(#|ÉÉ) yenswu, n - the medulla oblongata, the o 2, a container of ink-stone water - ol-F(#%) yénswu, n : study and training : T ~- a trainee.#The atmosphere of training in O-Senseis dojo is truly a great experience. Many of the Registration Fee for Aikikai Foundation 8,400 yen (Not required for  |-Yenans scientific institutions, 1939-1941 The Natural Science Institute (NSI) was of training technicians who could step directly into the factories that had been "Hui-i Yen-an tzu-jan ko-hsueh-yiian ti hstieh-hsi sheng-huo" Remembering  ~Ting Ssu, "Ko-hsueh ching-shen, ko-hsueh tai-tu" (Scientific spirit, scientific Jane L Price, Cadres, Commanders, and Commissars: The Training of the Establishment and goals of NSI: Hu Chi-chuan, "Hui-i Yen-an tzu-jan ko-hsueh yuan

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